Our Pizza

 “Napoli on the bottom, Yorkshire on’t top!”

A fiery combo of fine-tuned Neapolitan dough, topped with punchy Yorkshire flavours.


We’ve created (and are always tweaking) our own dough recipe, which comprises of a secret blend of various flours, sea salt, yeast, and water. Who’d have thought 4 ingredients could be so complex, unpredictable, frustrating, and beautiful at the same time?!

As for the sauce, we haven’t found a tomato that comes close to our good friend the San Marzano D.O.P. It’s so good that we add nowt more than sea salt when crushing them down to make our passata.

Keep it simple so you can taste each ingredient!

We offer a wide range of vegetarian food, with vegan cheese and gluten-free bases easily incorporated on request.


To keep Yorkshire on’t top and shining through in our pizzas, we make good use of award-winning local cheeses from deep in the dales, right through to Leeds suburbia!

If that’s not Yorkshire enough for you, we also have a few bespoke blends of cured meats made especially for us by a cheeky farm shop on the North Yorkshire border!

We hope you’ll all agree that the end result is a winning combination of age-old Neapolitan methods, and supreme Yorkshire produce.